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My precious day

I went to Lake Merritt.

I met my friend Kevin at farmer's market near there."I've wanted to meet you~!!"

He was very very hungry,so we had a lunch at first.
This omelet store was his favorite.
He had said to me "I want you to eat this omelet!" before we met.
A shop uncle made it there at once!


We were greedy!?We offered to put all ngredients in omelet.
Oh, but he dislikes an onion. Excluding it.
He got two slices of a watermelon(Everyone gets one slice. He was so hungry.)

Eating delicious omelet in outside made us very happy!

A shop girl talked me that she had gone to Fukuoka in Japan several weeks bofore.
She said "I was very shy when I had in hot springs".
I think it's experience!!(*^^*)

This farmer's market sells a lot of organic things.
And I saw beautiful flower shops. There were a jazz live too. So so good!

Edible flowers.



He selected a melon.
We heard that green melon was better than yellow one.
Kevin,was it good taste?

He buys flowers for his precious person every weeks.
He let me select this week's flower.

I selected a pink dahlia. It is flower was used in my wedding and CA state flower.
I asked him "Is this too pretty for him?", he answered "No! he likes pink."

I hope he smiles to look it.

Later, we took a walk around Lake Merritt.
We talked many things. He talked me about a lot memories.
Tears sprang to my eyes.


This turtle he wanted me to look!
A turtle walks slow? It's untruth. It can swim very very fast.

He explained to strangers about it. I think people'll gather to him.
He has tender heart.

Later I thought we should name the turtle.

There are many geese around Lake Merritt.
We found red berries they wanted to eat.

As soon as we took it, two geese came to us. So cute!

We went to the place he loves.

There were a lot of flowers.

Kevin selected a hydrangea among them, and asked me
"Which flower is the best you like?".
And he painted a picture for me.


This day was very hot, but there was a gentle breeze.
I saw his back first time while he was painting, but it was familiar with me.
And at the same time, I felt the person should be there wasn't me.
I shed tears.
We were there only us, but I believe he was there too.

This is hydrangea picture Kevin presented for me.

A life was dwelled in it by him.
This is my big treasure.

He gave me a picture of hydrangea before. He shared his precious memories.
Is it an accident to paint hydrangea this time too?

I haven't written about a thing ever.
I seldom write my deep feeling by now and I've thought I won't write about it.
Becouse it was very special things for me and I didn't know how to say.
But I'll write a little only this entry.

There was a person I'd wanted to meet for a long time.
He had tender heart too like Kevin.
Whenever I touched his world, I really realized the importance of my husband, family and friends.
Whenever I saw beautiful flowers and smelled leaves in the park, I remembered him.

And I knew I never met him.

I visited places he went to.
When I saw the scene probably he had saw everyday, I thought "Why isn't he here?" and I was sad.

But people near him are gentle constantly and live a full life now.

"Can I do like them if I lost my husband and family?"
I think I have to be strong.

The flower wreath he made is my treasure too.

I exhibited Kevin's hydrangea picture next to this wreath.
I'll be able to remenber my tender feeling whenever I look at them.

Kevin, really really thanks for spending time with me.

Kevin's blog is here
( August 20, 2009 )
by yukinkoro_sf | 2009-08-15 08:07 | FRIENDS